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04 Apr 201714 May 2017

Daily Lazy Projects inaugurates its new Athens space with “*bang!” an exhibition of work by Greek and Cypriot artists Lito Kattou, Irini Miga, Tula Plumi and Natalie Yiaxi. 

The artists explore narrative performativity in the relationship of objects to physical space. The sculptural artworks embody situations focusing on issues of duration, procedure, and action while expressing a sense of origin and completion as in a dinner, a story, or a game. From beginning to the end, from subject to object, *bang! redirects the narrative back to its starting point, to a moment of disruption, or simply to its inevitable conclusion.


  • Courtesy of Daily Lazy ProjectsCourtesy of Daily Lazy Projects

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M: W: Daily Projects
Sina 6 & Vissarionos 9 (entrance) Athens, 10680 Greece