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Behjat Sadr: Dusted Waters

The Mosaic Rooms

28 Sep 201808 Dec 2018

Dusted Waters is the first solo exhibition dedicated in UK to Behjat Sadr, currently one of Iran’s most influential and radical visual artists. The show includes a selection of masterpieces which highlight Sadr’s artistic journey against the backdrop of dramatic political events and her struggles as a woman fighting for recognition on a male dominated art scene. 

The three rooms of the gallery are dedicated each one to a specific city that was significant in shaping Sard’s practice: in particular, her career path developed between Tehran, Rome and Paris. The first room displays materials from Sadr’s period spent in Italy, during which she developed her signature style. The second room, the main focus of the exhibition, explores Sadr’s time in Tehran and on her kinetic works and paintings created with black paint. The third and last room is dedicated to her exile in Paris, when she developed her collages.


  • Behjat Sadr in her studio, Tehran, 1967, Courtesy of the mosaic rooms, LondonBehjat Sadr in her studio, Tehran, 1967, Courtesy of the mosaic rooms, London

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