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Bosco Sodi: Las Tinieblas Sobre la Faz de la Tierra

Hilario Galguera

06 Feb 201905 Apr 2019

Galería Hilario Galguera presents “Las tinieblas sobre la faz de la tierra”, an exhibition that brings together 22 works by renowned artist, Bosco Sodi. After a year of production, and with the intention of provoking a reflection on the duality of life, this exhibition is presented from the 5th of February to the 5th of April 2019, in all 6 gallery spaces of Galería Hilario Galguera , located in colonial San Rafael, Mexico City.

The selection of artworks include 10 works on canvas and 12 clay sculptures, which were created both in his studio in New York in the United States, and at Casa Wabi, located in Oaxaca, Mexico. All as a result of a moment of introspection after the death of the artist’s grandmother.

“Las tinieblas sobre la faz de la tierra”, translated as “The Darkness on the Face of the Earth” speaks about the duality that exists in life, the balance between the positive and the negative, between light and darkness, joy and sadness, youth and old age. This is the first time that Sodi works with two colors at the same time: black and white. He chose these tonalities so that his works transmit some of the universally opposed concepts: matter and spirit, life and death, good and evil. In the words of the multidisciplinary artist: “I wanted the viewer to feel that lack of color and focus more on the fight of opposites, in the battle between the two colors, one trying to conquer the other …”

The exhibition has a parallel edition that will be presented from January 29 of this year, at the BlainISouthern in London.

  • Bosco Sodi, Bosco Sodi, "Las Tinieblas Sobre la Faz de la Tierra", Galería Hilario Galguera, Mexico City

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Bosco Sodi portrait, Photo by Teresa Sartore

Bosco Sodi

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