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Camel Collective: Strong Female Lead

Parque Galería

03 Feb 201817 Mar 2018

This exhibition of new works by Camel Collective combines elements of sculpture, video, photography, and painting to elaborate on the ghostly hauntings of invisible labor in theater and, by extension, in cultural production at large. In this scenario the labor is gendered—there are a lot of feminine hands. Some are represented while others leave their invisible traces on objects and images.

The works in this exhibition refrain from telling tales, instead they point a ghostly finger in the direction of a crime scene and a cover up while offering no simple solutions. In a series of gestures and reversals “Strong Female Lead takes the unmarked aspects of production and lends them a body possessed of materiality, texture, and weight.

In conjunction with the exhibition a special screening and lighting installation of the three-channel video “Something Other Than What You Are” will be shown at Cine Tonalá.

  • Courtesy of Parque GaleriaCourtesy of Parque Galeria
  • Camel Collective, Courtesy of Parque GaleriaCamel Collective, Courtesy of Parque Galeria

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Destination: Mexico City
Where: Parque Galería
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Destination: Mexico City
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