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Canaletto and Venice

Palazzo Ducale

23 Feb 201909 Jun 2019

The Doge’s Apartments in the Palazzo Ducale of Venice host the exhibition “Canaletto and Venice” illustrating the importance of the eighteenth century in the history of art, through the works of its protagonists. Since the beginning of the century, this proved to be a period of great changes and and enormous vitality, including excellence in the fields of painting, sculpture and decorative arts. The exhibition path illustrates this process through the work of one of the main protagonists of the period, the painter Giovanni Antonio Canal, Canaletto. It also includes pieces by other significant figures of the century, such as Luca Carlevarijs, Rosalba Carrera, Giambattista Tiepolo and Pietro Longhi among the others, who contributed to the evolution of the language of art.


  • Antonio Canal detto Canaletto, Antonio Canal detto Canaletto, "L’ingresso solenne del conte de Gergy", State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


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