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Car Service II

Enterprise Projects

28 May 201715 Jun 2017

For its new project Enterprise Projects is exploring the ideas of space, and conveyance as well as the different layers of the past, through a peculiar theatrical set.
Car Service II” is the sequel of the inaugural exhibition of Enterprise Projects (Car Service) which took place in September of 2015. This time the focus is being drawn on the car as a cultural and social element, as a transportation medium, as a technological experiment, as an aesthetisized object. Enterprise Projects which used to be a car repair shop is being transformed into a set that will work as the foundation of the exhibition. Car Service II  is a group show with already existing but also commissioned works, by both Greek and international artists. 

  • Courtesy of Enterprise ProjectsCourtesy of Enterprise Projects

Special Events

Destination: Athens
Where: Enterprise Projects
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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