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Carlo Massoud: The Fish and the Crowd

Oratorio della Passione, Sant’Ambrogio 23A

07 Apr 201914 Apr 2019

The exhibition, produced by 5 Vie, Milan, is the first solo presentation by the young Lebanese designer Carlo Massoud which reimagines the historical spaces of the Oratorio della Passione on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2019.
“The Fish and the Crowd” features a number of objects designed by the artist since he started his studio in Beirut in 2013 until today, besides a new site-specific installation.

Massoud’s works arise from his reflection upon social, political and environmental issues. The pieces on view inquire surrounding reality with a special eye on his home country’s situation, such as in the series “Capture”, witnessing the recent boom of many Middle Eastern towns or in the wooden small Arab Dolls, investigating the situation of veiled women. Along with his sister, Massoud creates also a site-specific installation for the Oratorio, consisting of a series of objects spread in the church and playing the role of a sitting crowd. On the apse, the artist has placed a new contemporary altarpiece, quoting the traditional imaginary of Christianity and its liturgies.


  • Carlo Massoud, Carlo Massoud, "The Fish and the Crowd", Oratorio della Passione, Milan

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Destination: Milan
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Destination: Milan
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