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Caroline Kryzecki: Come out (to show them)


09 Sep 201721 Oct 2017

For her exhibition at Sexauer gallery Caroline Kryzecki is presenting her ballpoint pen drawings into a huge room installation.
The tension between system and coincidence, which is immanent in the artist’s work, is transferred into a new medium. During the realization of her work, Kryzecki exposes herself to a certain risk of failure since the work becomes visible only after its implementation in the gallery. The title is a reference to Steve Reich’s 1966 composition Come Out, in which the American composer used tapes to experiment with phase shifting.

  • Caroline Kryzecki, Courtesy of SexauerCaroline Kryzecki, Courtesy of Sexauer

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Destination: Berlin
Where: Sexauer
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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T: +49 172 3 16 23 65 M: W: Sexauer
Streustraße 90 Berlin, 13086 Germany