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Carsten Höller: Reproduction

Copenhagen Contemporary

28 Sep 201913 Apr 2020

What is love? What makes us who we are? Why do we have children? Is art a playground? What games are we playing? In “Reproduction”, Carsten Höller examines the theme of “reproduction,” adopting an approach that is both scientific and artistic and calling on his interest in interaction and games. This installation questions the desire to have children while connecting to an early and common experience: the awakening of consciousness and one’s own existence at an early age followed by the disturbing challenge to position oneself in this world. It also reflects on how behaviour is encoded from childhood through regulation. Höller left the world of science in favour of art because of his interest in doubt rather than certainty, using his practice as a spectrum for experimentation rather than a source of conclusions.

  • Carsten Höller, ReproductionCarsten Höller, Reproduction

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Carsten Höller

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