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Casus Belli: Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie


30 Mar 201828 Apr 2018

T-Space and Current present the first solo show in Italy by Casus Belli by Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie. The show is dived into two chapters, the first of these is at t-space.

The artist’s work explores and deconstructs the mechanisms of governmental power and its various modes of seduction, which rest upon ritual, images, narrative and myths. For this show he has produced a series of photos documenting the business of military souvenirs in Sarajevo, alongside artworks which demonstrate the decorative and seductive aspect of military protection systems used during the siege of Sarajevo as well as in the current wars in the middle east.

  • Casus Belli, courtesy of T-SpaceCasus Belli, courtesy of T-Space

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