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Chen Zhen

Arte Continua

01 Dec 201711 Mar 2018

This is the Chinese artist’s first solo show in Cuba. Born in 1955 in Shanghai and based in Paris from 1986 until his death on December 13, 2000, the artist gained international recognition for the quality of his artworks and his open-minded approach.

The main focus of the show is “Jardin Lavoir” which occupies the main space in the former cinema, and transforms it into a space of purification and healing.
This artwork was first presented in 2000 at the Cimaise and Portique regional center of contemporary art in Albi (France), in the middle of an old mill. Eleven bed frames (the number references the number of essential organs in the human body) are transformed into metal washtubs filled with water, where all sorts of everyday objects are subjected to a constant wash.

  • Chen Zhen, Jardin-Lavoir, 2000, Exhibition view, 2017. Ph Nestor KimChen Zhen, Jardin-Lavoir, 2000, Exhibition view, 2017. Ph Nestor Kim

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Chen Zhen

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