Milan - Exhibition

Chiara Luzzana: The Sound of City

Brera Design District

11 Apr 201617 Apr 2016

“The Sound of City” is an ambitious project that Chiara Luzzana has been developing for many years and that will be finally disclosed to the public: the project is made to investigate the inner sounds of every “concrete jungle”. Every place has something to tell and a soul to show; the artist turns into music those sounds, those harmonious frequencies and noises that in our daily life go unnoticed. And this is how a traffic light becomes a synthesiser, a hooter, a saxophone; manholes like drum machines and bawling in string orchestras. In the silence of urban dawns, with microphone and headphones, Chiara explores unknown places letting the sound “contradictions”.
By discovering and transforming the sounds of the cities the artist discovers how to change the noise of thoughts into harmony, finding a balance between strengths and weaknesses. Pure sounds create a soundtrack for each city. A mix between electronic music and soundscape.

  • Chiara Luzzana - The Sound of City - #Milan - TeaserChiara Luzzana - The Sound of City - #Milan - Teaser
  • Chiara Luzzana, PortraitChiara Luzzana, Portrait

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