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Claudia Comte: I Have Grown Taller from Standing with Trees

Copenhagen Contemporary

08 Feb 201901 Sep 2019

For the occasion of her first exhibition in Denmark, Swiss artist Claudia Comte is presenting an immersive installation for CC’s largest hall. The presentation brings together sculpture, sound and 3D prototyping with the artist’s interest in archaeology, biodiversity and forestry.

Inside the 1100 m2 large hall, rows of six-metre-tall debarked spruce trees are positioned along a grid of millimetric precision that directly corresponds to a digitally printed graphic carpet. A large ceramic sculpture sits at the centre of this seemingly peaceful forest, which is enveloped by filtered light, sound and the mild scent of resin released by the pale spruces.

  • Claudia Comte, Exhibition view, 2019 at Copenhagen ContemporaryClaudia Comte, Exhibition view, 2019 at Copenhagen Contemporary

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Claudia Comte. Photo by Gunnar Meier.

Claudia Comte

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