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Comings and Goings: Segall and Brazil

Museu Lasar Segall

31 Dec 201619 Jul 2017

The Lasar Segall Museum – IBRAM -, resuming its activities in 2015 , after 18 months closed for infrastructure renovations, presents its collection to the public through the show “Comings and Goings: Segall and Brazil”.

The exhibition includes about 80 works, and provides an overview of the production of Lasar Segall ( 1891-1957 ), focusing on the “Brazilian phase” and its consequences, covering periods from initial production, strongly influenced by impressionism, with works like reading, of c.1913 , through the German expressionist period with the Eternals paintings walkers and Self Portrait II, both 1919 until its final production in the 1950s with a series of Forests and Campos do Jordao landscapes. Still objects of his studio and residence will be displayed, and the artist’s authorship of texts that contextualize each covered period.

Segall shifts between the old and the new world, crossing the Atlantic were fundamental for the creation of themes that recurred in his work, such as ” Emigration” , “Erradias” , “Forestry” , “Pictures” and “Mangue Rio”.
Comings and goings reflect Segall interest in identities, singularities and social injustice, revealing a critical view of Western society, the fragility of human destiny, and the design that was on the role of the artist and the arts, such paths and waywardness are evidenced in their texts in the exhibition.

  • Lasar Segall , Dois nus, 1930Lasar Segall , Dois nus, 1930
  • Lasar Segall, Rua, 1922Lasar Segall, Rua, 1922

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