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Constructed Feast: Thinking Traditions

Ventura Projects

12 Apr 201617 Apr 2016

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Historically, The people of the Gulf lived a nomadic existence moving across the desert, stopping on occasion to take shelter, rest and feed. Before 1960 the Trucial States that later came together to form the United Arab Emirates only had a number of small towns and villages. Otherwise the culture was made up of either semi-nomadic or nomadic communities.

Meal times are a social occasion and are seen as a time when family and friends come together. Food is traditionally prepared on an open fire and eaten by hand without the use of cutlery. Dishes are often presented on a large circular platter with those partaking sitting in a circle on the sand or on mats – this format places an emphasis on sharing and equality.

Constructed Feast draws inspiration from the traditional nomadic dining experience and ceremony of eating. Central to this tradition was the use of thick woven floor mats and vessels that made it possible for large gatherings of family or friends to eat together. Historically and even today Emirati families are large, and whilst many

Emirati families have now adopted the western style of dining around a table on chairs with individual plates, we created a dining experience that remains faithful to our traditions yet is also appropriate to our contemporary lifestyle and needs.
The collection, is designed not only to bring us together in a traditional manner, but also aims to celebrate the traditional natural materials and resources that we have around us, such as sand, clay, pewter, textiles and leather.
  • Constructed feastConstructed feast
  • Constructed feastConstructed feast

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