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Private: Casa Maauad

09 Feb 201723 Mar 2017

The exhibit features a revision of CREMANCE’s (México, D.F., 1985) work focused on human sexuality and eroticism in the historic context of visual cinematographic, plastic and literary production, related to its influence on contemporary appreciation.

The artist’s statement: “Through video performance and photography I am interested in discussing sex and its intrinsic relationship with the figure of love, as well as its implications and meanings in the collective psyche and how you can reconfigure such prototypical subjects and cliché in visual production, that is: Re-signify sex and love in the contemporary image”.

Cremance studied at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, in La Esmeralda. In 2007 he attended the Seminar on Contemporary Photography at the Image Center with Gerardo Montiel Klint and Gustavo Prado under the tutoring of Ana Casas. He was awarded the Young Creators Fellowship (FONCA) in 2009, and in 2008 he was honored with the Honorable Mention at the XXVIII Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven.

Cremance uses the performance and directs the representation as the main platform of his videos, interpreted by people who do not have any approach or previous knowledge of the performance. In this way, he reinterpretates clichés referring to sex, the sensual and the erotic through imaginary pop, copies of both Hollywood and non-mainstream cinema, as well as trying to re-think the pre-established codes surrounding romance. Each piece he performs conforms to a particular treatise on the body, the re-significance of sadomasochism or the representation of the ambiguity of perverted love where fiction upsets the most crude human impulses and feelings, for real.

  • Cremance at Casa MaauadCremance at Casa Maauad

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Destination: Mexico City
Where: Private: Casa Maauad
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