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Das capitanias do seu corpo

Museu de Arte Brasileira MAB-FAAP

20 Sep 201405 Dec 2014

The Bachelors in Visual Arts Exhibition Program present since 2007 the production of artists recently graduated in the Faculty of Arts. It is an activity that the Institution encourages and supports the performance of a first joint exhibition, and outside of the academic environment in order to make visible the consolidation of issues originally worked by them along their stay in the Faculty, and deepened in the presentation of their conclusion works.

The initiative gathers a more ample support and encouragement policy, developed throughout the years in order to disseminate every artistic manifestation resulting from academic activities and, specially, those that highlight the most different and diverse forms resulted in the contemporary artistic practices developed by the student body of the Arts Course of FAAP.

The exhibit also proposes to integrate the city calendar, offering conditions for a required outside perception, therefore, in addition to the strictly academic scope, it enhances the practice of production appreciation when providing the exposure of the studies developed by the recently graduated students, from actions initiated in the scope of the Faculty.

This year will be exhibit “Das capitanias do seu corpo” that, in the words of the young artists that compose exhibit, “brings in it the idea of division, internally present in within the subject, and externally present between me and the other. The idea is that the means where it occurs is, by excellence, the body that holds the multiplicity of power/relations places: the I/body and the other/body. In conclusion, we wish to discuss the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ territories. We, resident of these bodies, try to create/propose ways to administrate, operate, relate and create through sensitive and thinking experiences.”

  • Courtesy of MAB - FAAPCourtesy of MAB - FAAP

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