Mexico City - Exhibition

Delirios Urbanos

El Cuarto de Máquinas

11 Nov 201728 Jan 2018

Seven Mexico City based artists are commissioned to put together a project that reflects on some the predicaments that concern the population of cities.

The pieces start out from a joint reflection that allowed each artist to determine a theme from which to develop a work with a critical perspective on what it means to live currently in cities.The project revolve around diverse phenomenon, social and environmental situations triggered by uncontrollable urban growth, ruled and sponsored in most cases by voracious economic dynamics of the savage contemporary capitalism.
The show constitutes a group of diverse perspectives that articulate a complex though which calls us to critically rethink the dynamics that we co-participate in as we inhabit and build the city.

  • El Cuarto de MaquinasEl Cuarto de Maquinas

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