Mexico City - Exhibition

Diana Thater: Continuous. Contiguous y Red Flowers

Centro de la Imagen – Mexico City

24 Oct 201711 Feb 2018

Diana Thater creates installations that oscillate between architecture and sculpture, in which she reflects on the perception, the look and the way in which the human being inhabits his world and recognizes himself inside it. To achieve this awareness of time and space, he uses resources such as sound and color, playing with the projection of different tonalities on the walls and vertices. One of the constant elements in the production of Thater is the natural world, represented by flora and fauna, where there is no specific narrative and develops in a temporality and spatiality different from that of the human being. Through “Continuous. Contiguous y Red Flowers “, the artist reflects on the binomial culture-nature and the way in which we communicate and interact with the other beings that also inhabit the world.

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