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Documenting Memory

Oolite Arts

30 Sep 201508 Nov 2015

Documenting Memory acknowledges the notion of our memories as a definition to our personal history. It examines the boundaries of our limited ability to retain and contemplate and explores the complex phenomenon of how our minds choose to remember certain ideas and forget others. The exhibition explores how artists living and working in El Salvador deal with retaining memory and commemorating loss from personal experiences that have been intertwined with the weight of social, collective and traditional impressions. Including video, photographs and installation by three of the country´s most renowned mid-career artists, this exhibition additionally integrates forms of documenting remembrances that speak of the dynamic and shifting landscape of memory. Represented by distinct mediums affiliated to the purpose of recording history such as video, writing and photography, all works become tangible expressions of memorializing ideas, experiences and people through the creation of symbolic indicators of evidence connected to personal experience.

  • Rodrigo Dada, Documenting memoryRodrigo Dada, Documenting memory
  • Rodrigo Dada, Documenting memoryRodrigo Dada, Documenting memory

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