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Eduardo Paolozzi: Selected Works 1947 – 1974

Alma Zevi

28 Sep 201820 Dec 2018

Selected Works 1947 – 1974, organised in collaboration with the Paolozzi Foundation, London, includes works by the British Pop artist, Eduardo Paolozzi. The solo show features two rare early collages from the 1940s and 1950s, a selection of prints from the General Dynamic F.U.N. portfolio (1965-70),  etchings from The Ravel Suite (1974), the experimental avant-garde film The History of Nothing (1962) and the sculpture Chinese Dog 2 (1958), exceptionally loaned for the occasion by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice. The exhibition offers an overview of the eclectic practice of the artist and is his first solo show displayed in Venice.


  • Eduardo Paolozzi, Eduardo Paolozzi, "Astute sizing up perfume trends", from "General Dynamic F.U.N.", 1965-70, Courtesy of Alma Zevi

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Destination: Venice
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