Paris - Exhibition

Enzo Cucchi

Balice Hertling

13 Dec 201703 Feb 2018

On the occasion of his first show at the gallery, Cucchi presents recent sculptures, paintings, and drawings. As one enters, facing the wall, a Madonna bronze sculpture holds a bell that can be rung. Four large drawings suspended from the ceiling depict animal and human figures.
As the artists states : “Each one of them acts as a key to understanding the exhibition. The drawings aren’t hung directly on the wall as they usually would be…Each one of the depicted figures could eventually escape their image to enter into the exhibition space.”
Born in Morro d’Alba, Italy in 1949, Cucchi came to prominence in the late 1970s as a leading figure in the Transavanguardia movement.

  • Enzo Cucchi, Exhibition view, 2018. Courtesy of Balice HertlingEnzo Cucchi, Exhibition view, 2018. Courtesy of Balice Hertling

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Enzo Cucchi

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