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Erwin Wurm

Berlinische Galerie

15 Apr 201622 Aug 2016

Erwin Wurm (*1954) was invited to join the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme in 1987. His residence in the city coincided with a period of redefinition in his work. Since the late 1980s he has been exploring the boundaries between sculpture, object and performance.

A key exhibit is the Narrow House, a faithful reconstruction of his parents’ home in every detail, except that the artist has compressed it into a depth of just over a metre. By walking around the house, visitors literally experience the constrictions of provincial life. This work is accompanied by several One Minute Sculptures: instructions invite visitors to adopt unusual poses with the help of everyday objects, turning themselves briefly into a living sculpture. The third section of this exhibition, a comprehensive display of drawings by Erwin Wurm, is in itself a première.

  • Erwin Wurm, The Idiot III. Courtesy of Berlinische Galerie.Erwin Wurm, The Idiot III. Courtesy of Berlinische Galerie.

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Erwin Wurm

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