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Estamos Muito Abertos


14 Mar 201606 May 2016

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The project “Estamos Muito Abertos” (“We Are (Very) Open“) addresses the question “what do we want from artists today?” Participants present their work, discuss the ideas that consequently are incited by the question, interact with the public and question their opinions.
Ateliê397 involved with these multiple needs and desires and committed to thinking and finding new formats of meetings, exhibitions and art related discussions. The project proposes a hybrid experience that put together the artistic residency and the collective studio and offers studio visits and open meetings with various professionals in the field of art (artists, curators, producers and many others). The public during specific times will be invited to visit the space and follow the projects that the participating artists are developing.

From March 14 to May 6, four artists will occupy the daily shed Ateliê397 and participate in an intense process of reflection and discussion about their practices.

  • Estamos muito abertos, 2016. Courtesy of Ateliê397.Estamos muito abertos, 2016. Courtesy of Ateliê397.

Contacts & Details

mon, tue, wed, thu, fri 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

sat, sun


160 m2

Amorim Marcelo, Rivitti Thais

T: +55 11 3034 2132 M: contato@atelie397.com W: Ateliê397
R. Professor Gonzaga Duque, 148, Pompeia São Paulo, 05434-080 Brazil