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Eva Nielsen: Unfolding Landscapes

Selma Feriani

08 Jun 201730 Jul 2017

Born in 1983 and living in Paris, Eva Nielsen is familiar with the suburbs: she is still living in the Paris banlieue and she’s always been fascinated by the phenomenon. This peculiar interest is very strongly mirrored in her works which mostly represent architectural debris and deserted details of urban landscapes.
Nielsen‘s technique combines silk screen print (always the last or top layer of the painting) with several layers of acrylic painting: this procedure is conceived to stick out a central object of the painted landscape or background. The result is a true invitation to the our sight to wander over each work: a variety of strokes, contrasts and textures continuously deceiving the eye.

  • Eva Nielsen, Lucite IX. 2016Eva Nielsen, Lucite IX. 2016

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