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Fabio Bucciarelli: The Dream

Mudima Lab

08 Mar 201729 Apr 2017

Mudima gave birth to a new exhibition space dedicated to photography: “Mudima Lab”, which inaugurates with an exhibition series titled “Guerre” (wars). Six photographers will be on display, of which the first one is Fabio Bucciarelli’s show “The Dream”.

Bucciarelli is a photographer, journalist and author committed to document the humanitarian consequences of the wars and the lack of human rights in conflict zones. In recent years, he has lived and documented multiple dramatic events in contemporary history,  in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. His work has obtained numerous prestigious photographic awards, such as the Robert Capa Gold Medal, the World Press Photo, the Bayeux Calvados and four times the Picture of the Year. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world. His first publication “The Dream”, which presents his long term project on refugees, their living conditions and destinies, has been selected among the best photo-books of 2016 by the American magazine Time Magazine.

Bucciarelli’s exhibition will be the first in line with five other photographic exhibitions taking place at Mudima Lab under the project title “Guerre”, curated by Irene Di Maggio and Fabio Mantegna. Two other photographers have already been selected to present their works in the upcoming shows, Diego Ibarra Sánchez and Manu Brabo (Pulitzer Prize 2013). The project aims at giving greater visibility to photojournalist of war areas, which often do not have the institutions or support behind them, and risk their lives in the conflict areas to document contemporarily important events.

The project main idea was shared and assisted by MeMo Coop, Turin,, a meeting point for freelance photographers around the world who need to be protected in their profession, that is exposed to many risks and that is not always supported economically in an adequate manner.

  • Fabio Bucciarelli, The Dream. Courtesy of the artist and Mudima LabFabio Bucciarelli, The Dream. Courtesy of the artist and Mudima Lab

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Destination: Milan
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