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Fantasy Islands

11 Jan 201726 Jan 2017

Objectifs presents a new group exhibition entitled “Fantasy Islands” , curated by Kin Chui and Mitha Budhyarto, on view from 11 to 26 January. 

The show includes works of art mad by the seven artists : Stephanie Burt, Fyerool Darma, Ardi Gunawan, Wu Jun Han, Ila, Eldwin Pradipta, and Evelyn Pritt.

  • Fantasy Island, ObjectifsFantasy Island, Objectifs

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Stephanie Burt

Darma Fyerool

Ardi Gunawan

Wu ChangJung

Ila Ila

Eldwin Pradipta

Evelyn Pritt


Kin Chui

Mitha Budhyarto

Special Events

Destination: Singapore
Type: Lecture
Admission: Free

Lecure by Vivienne Wee

Destination: Singapore
Type: Guided Tour
Admission: Free

By Mitha Budhyarto and Kin Chui

Destination: Singapore
Type: Finissage
Admission: Free

Closing Performance:  Sea Charms and Ceremonies: Notes on Annotating Possessing Texts By Zarina Muhammad

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