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Fernanda Rappa: Ininterrupto

Central Galeria

21 Aug 201427 Sep 2014

A brand new video installation invites to reflect on our influence on the environment as a predatory act. Especially the exploitation of nature in Brazil.

After a research on the matter, and also on the issues of water and agriculture in the poorest regions of the country, Fernanda Rappa invites us to contemplate our destruction.

  • Fernanda Rappa, Courtesy of Central de ArteFernanda Rappa, Courtesy of Central de Arte

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Destination: São Paulo
Where: Central Galeria
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Central Galeria, in Sao Paulo, has been since its foundation in 2010 a space for exhibiting and debating about contemporary art. In 2018, it moved to a new location inside the historical buildign of IAB (Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil), stronghold of the intellectuals of the city intellectuals until the 80s. located in the city centre and designed by the famous architect Rino Levi. The new location aims to establish a deeper dialogue with the city, creating occasions for new exchanges and partnerships. The contents proposed by the gallery wants to accent the multiplicity of contemporary arts and to connect people and ideas. m2

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