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Fernando García Correa: Gambetas y Concreciones

Casa del Lago

01 Dec 201718 Feb 2018

“Gambetas y Concreciones” brings together a series of pictorial and drawing works in which García Correa (Saltillo, Coahuila, 1958) fuses different languages developed throughout his career. In this way, the organic abstraction that characterised his beginnings communicates with a wide range of recent plastic experimentations in which figuration appears with a caricature and critical stamp. On the one hand, the exhibition will be made up of two large-format pieces that, like parchment or codex, will take off a narrative in which letters, scenes and graphic elements will coexist. This proposal will integrate some works in ink on paper where the abstraction appears as a vestige of traces or remnants of nature that is intermingled with functional elements and tools of human endeavor. Fernando García Correa is currently a benchmark of Mexican contemporary pictorial practice and visual and plastic experimentation in which materials and production methods of an industrial nature appear.

  • Fernando García CorreaFernando García Correa

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