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Fixing Nothing

Empty 10

14 Mar 201626 Mar 2016

Displaying works by Emirati artist Mohammed Kazem and Italian/Lebanese Cristiana de Marchi, “Fixing Nothing” is an informal show that aims at creating a dialogue between artworks and at investigating the many ways dialectics are generated.

The exhibition displays new conceptual works by both artists, paired by a selection of Kazem’s iconic Scratches and de Marchi’s textiles, both characterized by the subtlety of the technique and of the result, almost disappearing and inviting the viewers to approach the work with all their senses.

By opening their studio, Mohammed and Cristiana will grant the visitors the possibility to have an insight in their creative and intellectual process, through a display of a variety of works created over the course of the past years.

  • Cristiana de Marchi, Europa, 2013. Courtesy the artistCristiana de Marchi, Europa, 2013. Courtesy the artist
  • Mohammed Kazem, Measuring, 2015Mohammed Kazem, Measuring, 2015

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