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Serra dei Giardini

07 May 201502 Aug 2015

Devised specifically for the marvellous architecture of the Venice’s greenhouse, Serra dei Giardini, through the use of videos, installations and performance, Flags offers alternative views and narratives, new images, hypothesis, behaviours, and diversified strategies for analysing individuals, perception, space, images, and social dynamics.

Starting point of this path is La Resa by Fabio Mauri, an unforgettable work of 2002 theorizing the surrender of judgement: “Perhaps a certain amount of surrendering might reveal a new, alternative, peace”

Expect amazement, enjoyment, doubts, and nonsense!

Curatated by Elena Forin – LaRete Art Projects and hosted by Microclima, cultural program of the greenhouse.

  • Fabio Mauri, La ResaFabio Mauri, La Resa

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