Bologna - Exhibition

Flavio Favelli: Serie Imperiale

ex miniCoop e Casa del Popolo

23 Mar 201803 Jun 2018

Serie Imperiale” is a project by the artist Flavio Favelli curated by Elisa Del Prete and Silvia Litardi. From a reflection on the practices of pictorial decoration in the history of art, from antiquity to today, up to the contemporary phenomenon of ‘street art’, Flavio Favelli has been looking for a few years with particular interest in wall painting and its social, conceptual and aesthetic.

The project takes shape starting from the realization of two specific site wall paintings in the center of Bazzano, in the hills above Bologna, and will be inserted in the life and culture of Emilia as the artist’s first work for the territory in which he has been living and working for more than fifteen years.

  • Flavio Favelli, Flavio Favelli, "Poste Italiane", 2011

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Flavio Favelli © Giovanni De Angelis

Flavio Favelli

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