Milan - Exhibition

Formafantasma: Anno Tropico

Private: Peep-Hole

17 Feb 201619 Mar 2016

Peep-Hole presents “Anno Tropico”, the first solo show of the designers Formafantasma in an Italian institution.
Anno Tropico opens the programming of Peep-Hole to design for the first time, exploring the border zones between this discipline and contemporary art research.

The practice of Formafantasma stands out for profound consideration of the historical, political and social implications of design, in an alternative and sustainable approach to materials and their use in production.
The project created for Peep-Hole focuses on their recent interest in the expressive qualities of light, presenting a series of works made with different techniques and materials for the occasion.

The show reveals the process and research that lie behind the creation of an object, in an itinerary organized on multiple levels. Working drawings and models establish a dialogue with a selection of finished objects, inside a site-specific installation that shifts the experimentation of the designers to an architectural scale. The character of this environmental work, which alters natural light screening and shaping it, transforms not only the architecture but also the functioning of the exhibition space, whose opening hours will vary depending on seasonal changes of lighting conditions.

  • Formafantasma, Anno Tropico 2016, Courtesy of Peep-Hole.Formafantasma, Anno Tropico 2016, Courtesy of Peep-Hole.

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Destination: Milan
Where: Private: Peep-Hole
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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wed, thu, fri, sat 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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