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Forum for an Attitude

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16 Oct 201514 Feb 2016

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Forum for an Attitude takes place in two places: In form of a series of five Forums at Depot Basel in Basel and as an exhibition at Vitra Design Museum Gallery in Weil am Rhein.

The exhibition describes design as a versatile discipline. It analyses the relation between the designers’ attitude and the work produced. The exhibited contemporary designers, who have left their formal education not that long ago, produce subjective works shaped by their very own natures and characters. What are the convictions which motivate them to act as designers? What kind of motives do their informed and thoughtful suggestions derive from? The display of works and attitudes by twenty-four designers, as well as insights into contemporary design occupation and also an question device for the visitors configure a Forum − a designated representation in a space − for what the designers want to express and effect.

The five Forums at Depot Basel, which take place simultaneously to the exhibition Forum for an Attitude at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery in Weil am Rhein, provide the frames for professional, yet amicable exchange between non-designers and designers, practitioners, thinkers and amateurs. The Forums are both a space for exchange, development and testing of ideas, and a physical place, where attitude is adopted and a network of people can grow. With “attitude” as object of matter, a program of lectures, workshops, field trips, book salons, games and gatherings around a meal or a table encourage a perspective on the position of the designer. Depot Basel considers the gathering of people for collective dialogues and activities most important; the endeavor to break away from conventional ideas of collaboration and exchange is what matters when deciding what we do as a space for contemporary design.

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