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Franco Vaccari: A collection

Fondazione Marconi

22 Feb 201714 Apr 2017

The artworks by Modena-born Vaccari are never complete but always in an unfinished, evolving state, a work in progress in continuous transformation, open to the unexpected. The artist’s aesthetic formula he named “Exhibitions in Real Time” can be described as Conceptual Realism, distinguishing itself by the use of techniques that are far from the traditional idea of a work of art.

His works include the viewers’ direct involvement as one is asked to participate in the imaginary fulfillment of the work. Thereby, the artist, as the original author, becomes the trigger of change without necessarily controlling the outcome.

Luca Panaro’s essay in the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition, illustrates the works on display and highlights the process of participation and critical reflection on the media that Vaccari always calls for, underlining the striking relevance his art has today.

  • Franco Vaccari, “700 km di esposizione”, 1972Franco Vaccari, “700 km di esposizione”, 1972

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