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Friends (Free Ends)

Officina delle Zattere

04 Dec 201520 Dec 2015

“Friends” seems a simple adjective but in this exhibition takes on a different meaning and more complex, these “friends” are people, artists, whose works, in some way, are related to frequentation at a specific location, at a certain typical Venetian atmosphere, an alchemy hard to reach in other places, these encounters have as common date as to be taken place, directly or in some other winding mode, inside the structure that will host the exhibition.

Officina delle Zattere” has been during these years a space like few others exist in Venice, hosting in its rooms every type and every variant of artistic forms related to the world generically called “Contemporary Art” giving dignity and visibility due to each work of human invention.

From these frequentations and looking the essence was born the concept behind the exhibition, is certainly a very partial, certain didascalic, which is searched by tracing the personal memories of the writer in various moments and encounters that occurred there.

Works but also persons, or better, people authors of works, the combination is indissoluble, and the exhibition seeks to show their path exposing beside of the originally works that were also their developments occurred during these years, from all this, in fact, the title “Friends” but also the subtitle that suggests a freedom, a search without bridles, hands, mind, imagination and experience together and free to express all their creative potential, and also spaces and places thats made available so that these works have visibility and appreciation.

Curator: R.C. Phillips

Artists: Antonia Trevisan, Ivana Galli, Sonia Ros, Alberto Pomi, Roberto Pagnani, Mattia Battistini.

  • Courtesy of Officina delle ZattereCourtesy of Officina delle Zattere

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Destination: Venice
Where: Officina delle Zattere
Type: Opening

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1200 m2

M: W: Officina delle Zattere
Fondamenta Nani, Dorsoduro 947 Venice, 30123 Italy