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From the City

Public Spaces in Castello, Venice

25 May 201631 May 2016

During the 15th International Biennale of Architecture “Reporting From The Front”, the 23rd course in Curatorial Practice and Contemporary Art of the School for Curatorial Studies Venice looks at the city of Venice as a case study focusing on artistic, curatorial and theoretical research. The young curators of the School will collaborate with Italian and international artists that will work in the urban context through public, performing and relational art.

The aim of the project is to create a reflection around art and its sense of community, creating a link between the arts and the contemporary city. In fact, Venice seems the perfect backdrop for this project, perceived by people in two different ways: on one hand for the collective consciousness, Venice always looks the same, as lost in the past in its defined structures, on the other hand during the last few decades, the city has been changed drastically by economic and social dynamics. The urban pattern and traditional architecture change their original role: private houses, churches, shops, historical buildings and squares become places with different functions.

  • From the City, A Project by AplusAFrom the City, A Project by AplusA
  • Jan Vormann, From the City, A Project by AplusAJan Vormann, From the City, A Project by AplusA
  • From the City, A Project by AplusAFrom the City, A Project by AplusA

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Destination: Venice
Where: Municipalità di Venezia
Type: Press Conference
Destination: Venice
Where: Public Spaces, Sestiere di Castello
Type: Opening

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