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Generación 2018

La Casa Encendida

02 Feb 201815 Apr 2018

“Generación” is a call for artists under 35 organised by the Montemadrid Foundation to show the newest talents of the contemporary panorama of art.
The jury formed by Valentín Roma, director of La Virreina Center la Imatge (Barcelona), Margarida Mendes, independent curator, and Bea Espejo, art critic and head of section at Babelia ( El País), has selected the ten winning artistic projects amongst the 500 participants. The winners will receive a prize of 10.000 euros each and will take part into a group show curated by Ignacio Cabrero.

Winning artists and projects of “Generación 2018” are: Serafín Álvarez (León, 1985), Threshold; José Díaz (Madrid, 1981), The dream of the M-30; Antonio Gagliano (Córdoba, Argentina, 1982), National Innovation System; Marco Godoy (Madrid, 1986), The fiction of power; Irene Grau (Valencia, 1986), No place in particular; Antoni Hervàs (Barcelona, 1981), Autogruta; Lola Lasurt (Barcelona, 1983), Duel for Black Spain; Elena Lavellés (Madrid, 1981), Dark Matter; Fran Meana (Avilés, Asturias, 1982), Starter Cultures; and Levi Orta (Havana, Cuba, 1984), El Heredero.

  • Generación 2018, La Casa EncendidaGeneración 2018, La Casa Encendida

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