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Gino Baffo: The gestures of the color

Officina delle Zattere

04 Dec 201520 Dec 2015

The gestures of the color, show of Gino Baffo, introduces the new series of works by the Venetian artist. The exhibition, curated by Gaia Conti, is an excursus into his renewed pictorial dimension that is characterized by the use of a simple and poor material such as pallets, with a sophisticated way to express three-dimensionality.
The gestures of the color focuses on the last two years works by Gino Baffo and places emphasis on one of the key features of the artist: the gesture, which along with improvisation and matter define his peculiar aspects. An explosion of irrepressible sensations guides his brush, his movement is thick and large, is dense. An alchemy of colors conquers his works: the blue of the sky, the white of the winter’s light, the yellow of the sunrises, the purple of the sunsets.
The peculiarity of these works is given by the use of the pallet, a wooden platform commonly used for placing and transport various kinds of material intended to be stored. An object that can be easily define as common, part of the logistics chain. Gino “magical” act consists in succeeding to use this simple cluster of wood, not only as a blank canvas, but as an undividable part of the work itself, giving it a legitimate dignity and deeming it as his signature style.
Gino Baffo creates. He creates with his whole being, he transfers on the works what the eyes of the souls captures about one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice, his birthplace and his day-to-day life city. His relationship with painting is all-encompassing and instinctive. Since two decades he has been working on abstractions that has become more and more materic: jute bags, wooden pallets, rusty steel cables, poor in means but rich in content. Gino Baffo is his works, and his works are Venice, Gino Baffo is Venice with all its shades and emotions.


  • Courtesy of Officina delle ZattereCourtesy of Officina delle Zattere

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