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Gonzalo Lebrija: Vía Láctea

Museo Tamayo

20 Oct 201824 Feb 2019

For his solo exhibition at Museo Tamayo, artist Gonzalo Lebrija exhibits pieces from his project “Vía Láctea” (Milky Way, 2016-17). The photographic series portrays a group of smokers in Havana while they were smoking tobacco Vegas Robaina. The pictures highlight the sociopolitical connections which arise from the act of smoking, both from the relations between the subjects portrayed and their relation in turn with the legendary tobacco house.

The artist usually works with video and photography to investigate time and individual’s perception of it, using them as recording means to stretch the distance between the past and future. He also addresses social issues related with traditions and events connected with his geographical context.



  • Gonzalo Lebrija, Gonzalo Lebrija, "Vía Láctea (Milky Way)", 2016. Courtesy of Galería Travesías Cuatro.

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Gonzalo Lebrija

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