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Grain God’s Narrative

Swatch Art Peace Hotel

22 Oct 201614 Feb 2017

Swatch and Power Station of Art (PSA), mainland China’s first state-run contemporary art museum and home to the Shanghai Biennale, have embarked upon a partnership calling for an exciting joint initiative: the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, a “City Pavilion” for the upcoming 11th Shanghai Biennale, will host an intriguing exhibition entitled “Grain God’s Narrative”.

“Grain God’s Narrative” explores the concept and historical evolution of the “gift” in its intertwining rural, urban and global implications, and is curated by Mao Chenyu, Zhou Jing and Fen Lei, one of three young curator teams to win PSA’s Emerging Curator Project 2016. The team’s “off the wall” exhibition will unfold in the spacious Exhibition Room at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, the landmark cultural heritage site at the corner of the Nanjing Road and the Bund in Shanghai. The other two winning teams will show curated exhibitions on the 5th floor of PSA, also as part of the 11th Shanghai Biennale.

In a first for both Swatch and PSA, four artists-in-residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel have been selected to participate in the “Grain God’s Narrative” exhibition: Roman Stolyar (Russia); Cédric Van Parys (Belgium); and Jean-Charles Kien (France/Italy) are among the most recent of more than 220 contemporary artists to live and make art as guests of Swatch at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Roman Stolyar is founder and leader of a Shanghai music collective specialized in group improvisation. Cédric Van Parys is a visual artist who combines disparate arts and crafts to mount architectural installations. Visual artist and designer Jean-Charles Kien explores the territories shared by and separating art and design. All three completed their residencies in 2016.

Among the many artists they invited to join their project for the Shanghai Biennale, the “Grain God’s Narrative” curatorial team has included Shi Qing, who was an artist-in-residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in 2011/2012. For Shi Qing, a man of many talents who explores a variety of artistic media in his practice, it will be a “coming home” which we welcome enthusiastically.

“Grain God’s Narrative” opens October 22, 2016 and runs through 14 February, 2017 at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, 23 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China.

  • The Swatch Art Peace HotelThe Swatch Art Peace Hotel
  • Jean Charles KienJean Charles Kien
  • Cédric Van ParysCédric Van Parys
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  • The Swatch Art Peace HotelThe Swatch Art Peace Hotel

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