Miami - Exhibition

Gustavo Oviedo: The New Past

Art and Culture Center/Hollywood

14 Nov 201524 Jan 2016

The works in this exhibition are a product of Oviedo’s intensive study of the terrain between Miami and Key West. Focusing on nautical landmarks, Oviedo has embarked on a thorough examination of local sites by gathering historical accounts in addition to visiting and documenting them personally. His meta-displays collapse official historical and geological research with colorful memorabilia such as antique prints, maps, tourist souvenirs, and lighthouse replicas. They are layers in time and space.

Gustavo Oviedo was born in Paris in 1981. He was raised between Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico, and now lives and works in Miami. He has a Master’s Degree in visual effects, and works in various mediums including video, photography, collage, sculpture, and murals. Oviedo’s work has been exhibited at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Young at Art Museum, Art Center/South Florida, and History Miami Museum, among others.

  • Gustavo Oviedo: The New PastGustavo Oviedo: The New Past

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Destination: Miami
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