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Heidi Bucher

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art

19 Sep 201809 Dec 2018

The exhibition features works by the Swiss artist Heidi Bucher, for the first time in a UK public institution 25 years after her death, grouping together a significant body of her latex works made during the last two decades of her artistic career and videos that document their process of production.

The artist is mainly known for her latex forms of room interiors, objects, clothing and the human body, which she used to call “Häutungen” (skinnings); the process of creation of these shapes was considered by the artist both a physical encapsulation of the objects themselves and a liberation from the memories these things held for her, who used the same technical production process for all the subjects of her work. In the gallery several screenings which show the artist at work on “skinnings” are presented along with her experimental film “Bodyshells, Venice Beach”, 1972.

  • Heidi Bucher, Exhibition view, Parasol Unit, 2018Heidi Bucher, Exhibition view, Parasol Unit, 2018

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Destination: London
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