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02 Jul 201630 Jul 2016

Hong Kong Perspectives” will present different perspectives and aspects of art creation in Hong Kong, by three artists: Chen Tong, Szelit Cheung and Fiona Wong. While we are viewing an object, its possible forms have been already framed by the borders of our consciousness. A present “view” is sincerely objective yet reflects oneself as well, thus different ways of viewing in the same space indeed constitute their respective concerns. Chen Tong and Szelit Cheung were both born in Mainland China, respectively depict “view” and “person” yet both pointing at anxiety and tremble beyond their identities. Fiona Wong’s ceramics on the other hand depict the alternative side of “view”, which delicately presents her native Hong Kong landscapes as well as her memory. From identity, political situation to humanity, those stories echo through the history of Hong Kong.

Chen Tong was born in Hunan Province in 1962. The founder of Libreria Borges Bookshop and Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art in Guangzhou. Chen Tong is also an artist. Chen Tong studied in the Chinese Painting department of Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy from 1979-1983, where he has continued to teach since 1986. In 1992, he launched the “Encyclopedia of Experimental Art (EALS)”, which includes contemporary art, film, photography, theories, etc. In 1994, he established “Libreria Borges”, where he organised events of contemporary art and culture. In 1998, he co-established a publishing studio with Lu Yi and curated “Collection Minuit.” He translated and introduced works from a French publishing house, Les Éditions de Minuit (Midnight Press), esp. works of the nouveau roman.

Szelit Cheung, was grew up at Weidong in China, a small town by the sea, and he moved to Hong Kong in 1998. His language skills are awful at best, failing in both his Chinese and English exams. Yet he miraculously got in RMIT University in Australia, Melbourne in 2012. Always having his head in the clouds without really moving his hands, his amount of work is laughably minimal. Also privileged with floating through different spaces and cities to exhibit works.

Fiona Wong graduated from the University of East Anglia and later obtained her MFA degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997. She has been invited to various artist-in-residence programmes all over the world. She received Starr Fellowship award from Asian Cultural Council in 2000 and was invited to participate in the “Hong Kong Eye” exhibition held at Saatchi Gallery in London in 2012. In 2015, she participated in the Echigo Tsumari Triennale. Her works has been collected extensively by museums and private foundations. Fiona is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva. In 2014, she was invited as the expert advisor of Hong Kong museums. She currently teaches at The Hong Kong Art School.

  • Hong Kong Perspectives: Joint Exhibition by Chen Tong, Szelit Cheung and Fiona Wong, am space, Hong Kong 2016. Courtesy of the artists and am spaceHong Kong Perspectives: Joint Exhibition by Chen Tong, Szelit Cheung and Fiona Wong, am space, Hong Kong 2016. Courtesy of the artists and am space

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Destination: Hong Kong
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