Mykonos - Exhibition

Hulda Guzman: A Different Architecture

Dio Horia

23 Jun 201720 Jul 2017

A solo show dedicated to Dominican artist Hulda Guzman, “A Different Architecture” presents conceptual and physical structures recreating the existing reality, bearing the weight of a mythical unknown.

Guzman’s works are usually energetic painting of interior scenes depicted with a great eye for detail. The pieces presented at Dio Horia address the multi-layered reality of nature and the contradictions that surrounds it: wood plays a leading role with its fibrous structural tissue speaking of past and memory. Using wood as a tool – both as a tree in its primary state or a material in architecture – she grasps its power to portraying life.

  • Hulda Guzman, Fiesta en el batey, 2012

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