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Humberto Diaz: Bailando en Casa del Trompo

Diana Lowenstein Gallery

04 Feb 201724 Mar 2017

Diana Lowenstein Gallery presents a new exhibition by Humberto Diaz , titled “Bailando en Casa del Trompo – Dancing in the Spinning Top’s House”, curated by Marylin Sampera. Diaz is an artist capable to express and exemplify the representation of contemporary art, in a way that only a person who has lived and worked in three different continents can do. This exhibition features works of art that force the viewer to shift the usual perspective to give the stress on something completely unexpected.


  • Humberto Diaz, Forgotten Globe (detail) 2016, courtesy of Diana Lowenstein GalleryHumberto Diaz, Forgotten Globe (detail) 2016, courtesy of Diana Lowenstein Gallery

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