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Ignazio Mortellaro: We are two abysses – a well staring at the sky

Francesco Pantaleone

19 Dec 201717 Feb 2018

Curated by Agata Polizzi, the exhibition features two series of works accompanied by an installation. “The Land series” displays places where physical places meet conceptual ones, where the artificial redefines space and thoughts where idea and material are pervaded. “Mindscapes” consist of collage made from archival images, structural and construction projects, documents taken from reality. The installation “Infinity of Infinities” transposes the vision of the artist into material according to different combinations of the infinite number of universes that surround us.

Ignazio Mortellaro (Palermo, 1978) is an artist, architect, and engineer. With a personal experimental approach, he explores the various settings of knowledge.

  • Ignazio Mortellaro, Land XXI [Approaches to Bengàsi], 2017. Photo credits: Fausto BrigantinoIgnazio Mortellaro, Land XXI [Approaches to Bengàsi], 2017. Photo credits: Fausto Brigantino

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Agata Polizzi

Agata Polizzi

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