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ImageNation 2017: A Visual Storytelling

Galleria Civica G.B. Bosio

15 Apr 201707 May 2017

Storytelling. Visual story becoming protagonist. Featuring this major theme, the international collective of DeFactory comes back on the occasion of the 2017 edition of “ImageNation” in Desenzano del Garda, Italy, from 15th April to 7th May 2017.
As a result of an entire year of research, this collection of images and stories aims to explores the language of photography through a clear and well defined but not conclusive selection of the international photographic scenery. Apart from the Italian photographers, based in but also out Desenzano del Garda, there will be artworks by authors from all over the world, many of them winners of the most prestigious awards of the world such as the Photographer of the Year, the National Geographic Photographer, the Sony World Photography, the Siena Photo Awards, the iPhone Photo Awards and many others.

Curated by Martin Vegas, the exhibition sees the participation of 60 photographers which differ one another because of their origins, techniques and styles, but also in reason of the various messages their pictures transmit, the emotions and stories they conceal or, instead, reveal. DeFactory collective was born in Desenzano in 2012 and today it counts authors from more than 70 countries from 5 continents. It has recently brought the project “ImageNation” abroad, in Paris, where it is going to come back in May 2017, with a new exhibition dedicated to International Street Photography and later in November during Paris Photo 2017.

International Photographers: Martin Stranka (Czech Republic), Hengki Koentjoro (Indonesia), Jasper James (UK), Maren Klemp (Norway), Mohammadreza Rezania (Iran), Delphine Blast (France), Danny Yen Sin Wong (Malaysia), Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk (Netherlands), André Gonçalves (Portugal), Rada Akbar (Afghanistan), Michael Paul Smith (USA), Ceslovas Cesnakevicius (Lithuania), Christian Vizl (Mexico), Jimmi Ho Wing Ka (Hong Kong), Cocu Liu (China), Heather Evans Smith (USA), Ilse Moore (South Africa), Victor Lima (Brazil), Yasmin Mund (Australia), Isa Ebrahim (Bahrein), Ilka Kramer (Germany), Aneta Ivanova (Bulgaria), Danny Richardson (Channel Islands), Ramy Youssry (Egypt), Reka Nyari (Finland), Mark O’Neill (UK), Tina Signesdottir (Norway), Ashley Carlon (USA), Bruno Carlos (Portugal).

Italian Photographers: Gabriele Croppi, Renzo Bertasi, Riccardo Melosu, Mariagrazia Beruffi, Alessandro Zanoni, Ambra Mariani, Andrea Auf Dem Brinke, Andrea Nuvoloni, Dario Martinenghi, Elena Tagini, Emanuela Cunial, Felice Andreoli, Giuseppe Kuma Mainetti, Giuseppe Preianò, Ilaria Pedercini, Jefte Gerevini, Luca Liloni, Marco Bartolini, Marco Negri, Matteo Rinaldi, Matteo Silva, Michele Tusi, Nicola Molteni, Rocco Delillo, Rossella Brunazzi, Sebastiano Mutti, Ser Sal, Serena Campagnola, Sil Conti, Simone Amicabile, Stefano Pandini.

DeFactory comes back with “ImageNation 2017: A Visual Storytelling” to propose a new glimpse on the contemporary photographic universe. For the fifth consecutive year, ImageNation aims to be a platform for meeting, a crossway for photographers and amateurs, offering a meditation on the nature of image within the context of a contemporary and digital society that pushes to directions which are more and more distant from the photography of the past. Today, the production of images is becoming an immediate and natural process in reason of the massive presence of tools with a camera which allow us to take capture every moment of our day. At the same time the power of archiving is overcoming our desire of remembering.

The exhibition and related activities are the result of a collaboration with Fondazione Alex Dolce, a non-profit organization that encourages and supports the development of projects within the social and economic field, with a particular attention to educational and artistic activities engaged with the youngest generation. During the year 2017, DeFactory and Fondazione Alex Dolce will establish a first level course of photography dedicated to young talents and an international contest which will award two winners: one within Brescia province and one foreigner. They will benefit of an advanced photography course with a professional photographer and will showcase their works into an international expo.

ImageNation 2017: A Visual Storytelling
15th April – 7th May 2017
Galleria Civica G.B.Bosio
Piazza Malvezzi, Desenzano del Garda (BS)

Vernissage: Saturday 15 April, h.18 – Free Admission

Opening times:
Tuesday 10.30 – 12.30  |  Thursday and Friday: 15.30 – 19
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30 – 12.30 and 15.30 – 19


  • Photo © Jasper JamesPhoto © Jasper James
  • Photo © Hengki KoentjoroPhoto © Hengki Koentjoro
  • Photo © Martin StrankaPhoto © Martin Stranka
  • Photo © Danny Yen Sin WongPhoto © Danny Yen Sin Wong

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