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Independent 2

Private: 1a space

19 Sep 201530 Oct 2015

Indipendent 2 is a collective show of  the artists Tap Chan, Jamila Chan, Papaya Fung, Julvian Ho, Lai Chun Ling, Rogerger Ng, Tam Kar Wing, Tong Kam Ting.

If I was Tehching Hsieh, I would tell myself “The status at this stage is the best, please no more idea about art.”
If I was Walt Disney, I would tell myself “Having too much imagination is not good sometimes.”
If I were you, I would tell myself “Be brave!”
If I was Sylvia Plath, I would tell myself that it is perfectly fine to be imperfect.
If I was Anne Frank, I would tell myself “Hold on a little more. I will be freed and be able to look up to the sky fearlessly.”
If I was the moon, I would tell myself “It’s just a distance of a second.”
If I was (not) the origin of life, I would tell myself to join all spirits into one.”
If I was Nagi Noda, I would tell myself “Be more provocative in style. Death is not so scary if your artworks are good enough.”
If I was Chibi Maruko Chan, I would tell myself “I like your work! It’s inspiring!”
If I was Ip Kin-Yuen, I would tell myself “This exhibition has shown current visual arts public exam is useless as an assessment.”
If I was Luke Ching, I would tell myself “Can your creation be a little more aggressive and self-absorbed?”

  • Opening ceremony. Courtesy of 1a SpaceOpening ceremony. Courtesy of 1a Space

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