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It Will Never Become Quite Familiar to You

Oolite Arts

17 Jul 201929 Sep 2019

“It Will Never Become Quite Familiar to You” at Oolite Arts explores the notions of heritage and cultural identity through the works of eight artists who have ties to the United States and the global south: Cristine Brache, Amanda Bradley, Jesse Chun, Paloma Izquierdo, Natalia Lassalle Morillo, Michelle Lisa Polissaint, Jamilah Sabur, Agustina Woodgate.
The show questions personal histories, connections, and relationships to their nationalities in order to gain a broader understanding of home, ethnic identity, and the immigrant experience. The artists offer a deeply personal and introspective study into the way their ethnic identities intersect and viewers are given insight into each artist’s relationship to placemaking, tradition, conformity, and belonging.

  • Buying Bananas by Michelle Lisa PollisaintBuying Bananas by Michelle Lisa Pollisaint


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Destination: Miami
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